What We Offer

As important as appearance is to a renovation, it is also important to consider functionality, price and adherence to code. Not everyone’s needs are the same, and we at Cucina Counters understand how to pursue the optimum balance of these factors to give you a remodel that gives you a fresh look but also works for you and stays within your budget. We have ideas to maximize your space and the experience to know how to overcome problems before they arise, a much sought after and necessary ability in renovation. We can give you the advice you need that will mean your finished project fulfills all your needs, appropriately. 


Sometimes all a kitchen needs to spice it up is a new face. If your kitchen is perfectly functional and the cabinets are in good shape, re-facing the doors might be an economical solution to changing your look. We can give you all the right advice you need to discover if this is the option is for you; and offer you the best quality doors and accessories for a great price. All we need to price it is either some rough dimensions or just some pictures of the existing cabinets.


With a choice of cabinets from either Laurysen or Cuisine Ideale, we can offer you whatever you need to fulfill budget, aesthetic or timetable needs. Our cabinet companies build European style cabinets with 5/8” melamine that is bonded with a quality resin which doesn’t break apart by just touching it.

Laurysen Cabinets – An Ottawa family business that has been around since 1970. Winners of countless awards for excellence and sporting door designs and colours that can satisfy the most eclectic of tastes. Laurysen also has green solutions to your kitchen needs.

Cuisine Ideale – Since 1971, Cuisine Ideale has come to signify excellence and reliability. Cuisine Ideale offers Quebec made cabinetry that comes in quicker and at a lower price than companies in the city, but doesn’t lack any of the quality. They offer important modifications as standards at no extra charge: like 13” Deep upper cabinets and soft stops closing doors. With a large collection of door styles and colours as well as offering a colour matching service, Cuisine Ideale can fill any order.


Initially, we do not require going to measure most projects in order to get an accurate estimate. A simple layout with dimensions or pictures of the area will do. Our experience allows us to interpolate the information you give us to be able to get you an estimate as quickly as possible. Once you like what you see in our price and design, we can set up an appointment for our installers to re-measure the job, just to make sure that everything is perfect.

During your consultation, we will break down the elements of your project, so that we can find all the potential problems and solve them, explore possibilities you might not have considered , enhance the vision you had and complete it by combining it all in a computer construction that lets you see your vision in colour and dimension.


Our professional and very friendly installers will oversee every aspect of the installation and work with you to meet time frames and deadlines. They will commit to your project and are dedicated to the final outcome meeting the expectations of your design.


Choices, choices, choices. At Cucina Counters, countertop choices are one of the things that we do best. With an impressive collection of laminate, and quartz samples from many fabricators, you can get a firsthand look at the color choices available and compare them with our selection of doors, tiles, or anything you bring in to match. Our kitchen designers are trained to know how to make colors work with each other and can help you find working combinations you wouldn’t have dreamed of. Come in and see why our customers are never disappointed in how their tops fit their décor; and how we always find the best solution for your particular needs at a great price. Whether you need laminate, butcher block, granite, quartz, solid surface, glass or even stainless steel; we have what you need.

design-iconDesign Services

At Cucina Counters, we aren’t just interested in slap dashing your design to get you in and out as quickly as we can. We want to explore all the options you need and find every element that you require. There always must be a balance between aesthetics, price and functionality, and we know how to find the perfect marriage of these for your project. Whether it be simple but cost effective, or tasteful and eclectic; we have the right suppliers to fit your needs and the designers that have experience in interior design, construction and installation. You can feel confident that your final product will be something you will gladly tell others about.


We now offer sales of Backsplash tile. We can get you a discount on anything from Olympia Tile and Euro Tile & Stone, and even help you choose what would work best with the other elements of your kitchen or bathroom. Come see our samples in our showroom or the full collection at Olympia Tile and Euro Tile & Stone.